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cute kitsch icons *

for you, me, &them.

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this is a fun little community i (leelah) made because i am always immediately drawn to really cute or illustrated or kitschy or original art icons.

anyone can join. please don't advertise for any other communities unless they have extremely similar interests as this one. post ten million times, i don't care. i love art. post art for icons, post icons, post links to art for icons. it's all good.

i'm going to try to link the artist as much as possible when posting icons, and i encourage you to, as well : )

if you're going to use any icons, please just let us know. it would be neat if you credited cutekitschicons next to the image in your userpics but i'm totally not going to bitch about it.

have fun!

here are some places where i find these great illustrations and such:

http://www.caitlinkeegan.com/, http://www.freezepop.nu/,, http://www.mypapercrane.com/, http://www.jeanasohn.com/, http://www.jencorace.com/, http://www.jenniferfidler.com/indexhtml.html, http://www.kellylynnjones.com/, http://www.notkeren.com/, http://www.glassesareshields.com/, http://www.travischatham.com/, http://www.robottherobot.com//manbaby5/v5splash2.htm, http://www.carsonellis.com/, http://www.trishgrantham.com/, http://www.carolinehwang.net/, http://www.ryanjacobsmith.com/, http://www.youyesyou.net/, http://www.markryden.com/, http://www.sabrinawardharrison.com/, http://www.southersalazar.net/, http://www.rachelsalomon.com/.